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A very Franco-Scottish love affair; open more than10 years! Daniel's Bistro is the ultimate oasis of happiness

where food is always taken very seriously, and where all patrons find again and again a most unique atmosphere.

The bistro's main clientele is made up of City regulars who are all fans of this very busy and much loved restaurant.

Daniel's Bistro
Daniel's Bistro

Daniel's Bistro
Daniel's Bistro

all photos by nbphotography@thatmail.net

Patisserie Joldo @ Daniel's Bistro - Quality, bespoke gateau from Patisserie Joldo available @ Daniel's Bistro. Whether to accompany your 'special occasion' meal at Daniel's or to order and enjoy at your leisure. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, etc. Click here for more photos or call Daniel or Alison @ Daniel's Bistro (0131 553 5933) for more information.

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