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Daniel's A La Carte 

The Starters

Whilst you look at the menu, as aperitif, please order Daniel's "Tarte Flambee" to be shared amongst several people. (Alsace speciality; thin onions & bacon lardons tarte with a baked savoury fromage frais base. Delicious £7.85).

French Onion Soup £3.50 (traditional french onion soup served with gruyere croutons) - Daniel's Fish Soup £4.50 (Daniel's own recipe) - Soup of the Day £3.50 (fresh vegetable soup of the day) - La Charentaise £5.50 (toasted warm goat's cheese) - La Lyonnaise £5.50 (french croutons, bacon lardons, sliced potatoes, fried onions, soft poached egg) - La Savoyarde £5.65 (parma style ham with slices of beaufort cheese) - Gravadlax £5.45 (Daniel's own made and marinated salmon gravadlax) - Smoked Salmon £6.35 (Scotland's best smoked salmon) - Moules Marinieres £6.35 (big bowl of freshly steamed mussels) Moules Farcies £4.75 (fresh mussels in breadcrumbs and garlic butter) - Escargots £4.95 (classic snails in garlic butter, small (6) £4.95, large (12) £8.25) - Assiette de Charcuteries £6.50 (plate of assorted continental sliced cooked meats) - Plateau de Charcuterie £14.50 (large platter for 2/3 diners)

Les Crudites £6.50 (plate of 'health' French style) - Mushroom and Cheese Crepe £4.75

Main Courses (all fully garnished)

Fillet of Beef £18.45 (sauce Diane) - Chunky Double Lamb Chops £14.85 (cooked to order red wine jus and gratin dauphinois) - Chicken Supreme Denise £13.50 (chicken fillet supreme) - Scottish Salmon Fillet 'Provencal' £14.65 (Scottish salmon served with a warm, coarse grain) - Daniel's Sausages 'From the Grill' £10.50 (duo) £11.50 (trio) (speciality French chunky wholesome sausages) - Fillet of Barbary Duck 'Magret' £15.45 (breast of duck 'pink' and carved into chunky slices) - Le Bourguignon £15.50 (traditional French flavoursome casserole of beef) - Fisherman's Wharf Casserole £15.95 (a combination casserole of fish stew, with hints of provence) - Cassoulet £15.50 (casserole of beans, garlic sausages, duck and pork) - Le Jarret de Porc a L'Alsacienne £15.75 (chunky knuckle of prok on the bone)Tartiflette £9.85 (sauteed potatoes and very smoky bacon lardons toped with creme fraiche and melted savoie reblochon cheese, cooked in the oven til very crisp or near disintegration.... and served with a side salad) - Pick of Market Fish (available each day)

Daniel's Pizzas & Tarte Flambee

Very thin amazingly tasty continental style pizzas with the Daniel's unique touch & secret recipes (you just have to come in and taste and see for yourself. Seriously big 12")

Tarte Flambee Alsacienne £7.85 - Barbarian (Cheese, Tomato, Ham, Salami and Anchovies) £7.85 - Scrumptious Veggie Pizza £7.85

Daniel's Special Vegetarian Dishes

Daniel's Polenta Royale £7.65 - Veggie Bread & Butter Pudding £7.95 Special Stuffed Pepper a la Daniel's £8.75 - Mushrooms & Cheese Crepe Gratine £4.75

The Sweet Connection

Creme Brulee £4.85 - Fromage Frais £3.85 - Daniel's Pain Perdu (Bread & Butter Pudding) £4.85 Nougat Glace £4.85 - Daniel's Spicy Ice Cream Terrine £4.85 - Floating Islands £3.85 - Chocolate Gateau Opera £5.35 - Assorted Cheese (3) £4.85 (5) £6.50 - Danish Crown & Butterscotch Slice £3.85 - Homemade Belgian Dark Bitter Chocolate Terrine & Orange Coulis £5.95 - Coupe Royale Sur Liqueure Alsace £4.85

Filter Coffee £1.95 - Espresso £1.65 - Double Espresso £1.95 - Cappuccino £1.95 - Large Cappuccino £2.25 - Latte £1.95 - Grand Cafe Creme £2.25 - Chocolat Chaud 'simple' £2.25 - Grand Creme Chocolat £2.75 - Tea & Herbal Teas £1.95 - Gaelic- Irish Royal Coffee £4.65

  Baguette & tartines sandwiches & snacks always available in our "Fleur de Leith" brasserie area, open from 10.00am through to afternoon. Welcome.

Extensive Worldwide Wine List on offer. House Wine @ £13.95

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted.

Early Bird Pre-Theatre Dinner Menu

Available from Sunday to Thursday (from 5pm to last order 6.30pm, table back at 7.30pm)

Available Friday & Saturday (from 5pm to last order 6.30pm, table back at 7pm)

2 Courses per person £12.75 (inclusive of a glass of Wine or Coffee)

Home made cream of Vegetable Soup

French Onion Soup
Daniel's Fish Soup with Croutons + Cheese + Garlic Aioli
Salade Lyonnaise (Bacon Lardons, Potatoes, Onions & Poached Egg)
Assiette de Crudites (Large plate of raw & pickled Vegetables & mixed Salads)
Home made Pate served with a little dressed salad garnish & toasted bread
Moules Farcies (Mussels stuffed in garlic butter)
Daniel's Tarte Flambee (Pizza sized 12", Onions, smoky Bacon Lardons and Creme Fraiche & Fromage Frais French Savoury Tarte) for 2... or 3 people to share.
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Chargrilled Chicken Supreme "Inspiration"

Daniel's celebrated hearty Beef Bourguignon Casserole
"La Tartiflette" Potato-Creme Fraiche-Reblochon Savoie Cheese & Bacon Lardons Casserole, oven cooked to very crisp finish, served with a side Salad
Duo des Saucisses Francaises (Mix of Fench style chunky meaty sausages from the Paris market, with a red Wine sauce)
Steamed Salmon a la Provencale (warm mustard seeds, shredded Seaweeds and Balsamic Dressing)
Baked Polenta, mixed with confit Onions compote & Tomato Coulis finish
Timbale of Savoury Bread & Butter Pudding a la Daniels with Mushroom and Spinach, finished with mild Tomato Salsa
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Desserts £1.95

Isles Flottantes: Classic 'Floating Islands" on a sea of Creme Anglaise

Ramequin of Fromage Frais, slightly sweetened with Fresh contrasting Coulis
Daniel's celebrated French style Bread & Butter Pudding
Home made Ice Cream "Nougat" Parfait with Red Fruit Coulis
Daniel's "Spicy" Ice Cream Parfait with Butterscotch sauce
Assiette de 3 Fromages, served with French Bread or Biscuits
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Daniel's own Arabica Filter Coffee (Bottomless) £1.95

Espresso £1.65
Latte-Cappucino £1.95 Teas £1.95
Grand Cafe Creme £2.10 Hot Chocolate £1.95 Special Hot Chocolate £2.75

OPTION - Customers dining on this Early Pre Theatre Menu may choose not to partake with our offer of free glass of wine and select instead a bottle of wine from our extensive Wine List and enjoy a 20% discount in the Wine selected.

*This menu is an example of the dishes you can expect to find at Daniel's Bistro. Actual menu may vary.*


Business Lunch Menu

2 Courses per person £8.75

Home made carrot, orange & coriander soup

Grilled Goat's cheese on toasted Wholemeal bread & leaves dressed with a Balsamic vinaigrette
Daniel's smooth Chiken liver "Parfait" Pate with toasted bread & a wee dressed salad
Home made Salmon, Haddock & Prawn Terrine with a Prawn Cocktail sauce
Assiette of lightly smoked French Ham salad with a little home made coleslaw
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Morrocan style lightly spicy Lamb sausage "Merguez" served with mash Potato & Veg.

Seared Sea-trout fillet with a Lemon & Dill sauce, topped with roasted almonds and a garnish of rice and vegetables
Confit style Duck leg served with Cassoulet beans & vegetables
Home made savoury vegetarian Bread & Butter Pudding, made with onions, Mushrooms and Spinach, finshed with a mild Tomato Salsa and a wee dressed salad
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Daniel's celebrated and legendary warm "Pain Perdu" Bread and Butter Pudding

Assiette of Cheese, served with French Bread a la Francaise or Biscuits a L'Ecossaise
Classic French speciality, soft meringue floating island "Isle Flottante"
Traditional warm home made Sticky Toffee Pudding & a little Creme Anglaise
Carpaccio (thin slices) of fresh Pineapple with tears of Mango & Red Fruit Coulis
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(All desserts (3rd course) £1.95 supplement)

Daniel's Filter Coffee Cona (bottomless), Tea & Cappuccino @ £1.95 Espresso @ £1.65

*This menu is an example of the dishes you can expect to find at Daniel's Bistro. Actual menu may vary.*


Daniel's Bistro
Daniel's Bistro

photos by J. Beattie


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